Short Film Program

The New American Paradise

Postcards from the United States of WTF

Thu May 25 8:00 PM

The Films

Pop your New York bubble on a journey to the more peculiar corners of the modern U.S of A. In the land of drive-in churches, carnival boardwalks, border walls, and get-rich-quick schemes, any one of us could end up on the downside of the American dream: another desperado with a mask melted onto our face, searching for a nugget at the bottom of a dirty tin can.

American Paradise

Joe Talbot | USA | 18

A grandfather attempts to pull his two grandsons out their collective boredom with a twisted fairy tale right out of Trump's America. Based on a true story, "American Paradise" is a story of desperation and disguise. Featuring characters from the upcoming Sundance-supported feature, "The Last Black Man in San Francisco."

Atlantic City Character Study

Billy Linker, Ben Carey | USA | 30

Atlantic City Character Study is a short documentary about the people who pass through one of America’s most well-known resort towns as it teeters on the brink of economic collapse. The film captures the unique atmosphere of the city and gives viewers a realistic portrayal of what if feels like to walk the streets of the "poor man's Las Vegas"

Clean Hands

Lauren DeFilippo | USA | 9

On a Sunday morning the congregation of the Daytona Beach Drive-In Church tunes in.

Describe What You Heard

Joe Callander, Jason Tippet | USA | 4

A red-eyed satirical snapshot of a culture's descent into madness, as seen from the crossroads of murder and media.

Election Night

Ryan Scafuro | UK, USA | 8

A crowd gathers until the early morning at a boozy London pub to watch the US presidential election. As dawn breaks, emotions escalate and the evening takes a turn for the worse.

Monument | Monumento

Laura Gabbert | USA, Mexico | 12

Friendship Park is the western boundary on the US/Mexico border. Inside the park a thick mesh fence, designed so that fingers can't pass through, has become a designated meeting point for families and loved ones. They reconnect, reunite, and take pictures together, but the fence maintains a stern reminder of their physical separation.


Celine Held, Logan George | USA | 11

Fueled by coke, Vanessa and Danny attempt to capitalize on an unlikely opportunity.


Saint Mela

Saint Mela is a hybrid indie-pop three-piece based in NYC. Created in 2014 by Steven Dewey (production, keys) and Wolf Weston (lead vocals, lyrics), Saint Mela's experimental live set and style-bending sound has drawn comparisons to artists across genres. Saint Mela has cultivated a raw and striking live performance that swings their audience through every emotion possible, only made stronger with the addition and energy of drummer Jason MacDermott. Well-known for utilizing sets to test things out on an audience, (be it new music, images, spoken word, etc), they always offer a viewer something different and exciting. With a penchant for innovative found-sounds, inventive melodies and harmonies, and a wide range of influences between the three core members, Saint Mela aims to keep listeners dancing, feeling, and engaged while working on a debut release in 2018.

Event Details

8:00 PM
Doors Open
8:30 PM
Live Music by Saint Mela
9:00 PM
Films Begin
This is a free event. In case of rain, the screening will be rescheduled. No outside alcohol is allowed.


MetroTech Commons

5 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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