Downtown Locals
A feature-length documentary by Rory and Robin Muir

Friday, September 15th, 2006
8:30 - Live Music by subway musicians from the film
9:00 - Showtime
TRT: 1:10:00

On the lawn of Automotive High School | CLICK for DIRECTIONS
50 Bedford Ave, between N. 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

Downtown Locals
Downtown Locals is a funny yet poignant glimpse underground, into the lives of six disparate New York City subway buskers—including the Mercury Man, a struggling actor who stands motionless for hours at a time; Julio, a Colombian immigrant who dances with a life-sized doll attached to his shoes; and Helen, a Vassar graduate in her forties who reinvents herself as an accordion-playing chanteuse.

Each weathers a rollercoaster year of personal successes and defeats, remaining true to their art and steadfastly defendant of their right to perform, despite struggles with the police, city bureaucracy, money, complex pasts, addiction, and loneliness.

Downtown Locals illustrates brilliantly the microcosm of the true underground by drawing us into the lives of a few of New York City's less celebrated characters.

Their stories will leave you hopeful, haunted, and wondering where they are now. With many of the performers coming to the Rooftop screening, you can find out.

The feature will be preceded by one short:
Trafic (Catalin Mitulescu | Bucharest, Romania | 15:00)
Winner of the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or (grand prize) for short film.
On his way to a business meeting, a man get caught in traffic. Clearly, though, there are other distractions which are holding him up.

And if subway music is your thing, check out the "Songs from the Underground - NYC Subway," a full-length compilation CD, with a user-friendly subway map pinpointing performance locations and a brief story on the NYC subway music scene.

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