The British Connection
Co-Curated by Shooting People

Saturday, August 27th, 2005
8:30 - Live music by Aarktica
9:00 - Great short films produced by members of Shooting People UK and NY.
10:30 - A special performance by Antwerp singing sensation Von Von Von
11:00 - After party at Enid'S (50 Manhattan Ave. at Driggs)
Free "Rabid Red" Wine until we run out!

On the lawn at Automotive High School
50 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Dress warmly (it's cooler when you're sitting still).
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

The British Connection

Rooftop Films presents an evening of brilliant and hilarious new short films produced by the members of Shooting People, which has set up shop in New York. Rooftop Films is proud to support them with a special screening of fantastic short films made by Shooters from the Big Apple and all over the UK. These films display the great variety of short work being done on both sides of the Atlantic, from a raw and hip documentary about a bizarre urban street performer, to a hilariously elaborate Sundance short depicting one boy's descent into pubescent madness, to a touching Academy Award-nominated short film shot along the war-torn border between India and Pakistan. There is no shortage of great films coming out of New York and the UK and Shooting People and Rooftop Films are glad to help filmmakers produce and exhibit their work.

About Shooting People:
Shooting People is a network of filmmakers started in the UK by Jess Search and Cath Le Couteur in 1998 that has grown exponentially over the last few years and become an indispensable resource for independent filmmakers all over the British Isles. Through word of mouth, the community has grown to an active membership of over 25,000 directors, editors, cinematographers, sound technicians, producers, writers and exhibitors. All can post profiles detailing their experience, skills, and availability; send out calls for unpaid, paid, and collaborative work; and create forums for discussing a wide variety of technical issues. For more information about Shooting People contact Ingrid Kopp at Ingrid-at-shootingpeople-dot-org.

Little Terrorist (Ashvin Kumar / India / 14:00)
A touching Academy Award-nominated short about a Muslim Pakistani boy who chases his cricket ball into a minefield along the Indian border and then must rely on an Indian Hindu family to help him sneak past the guards and explosives and find his way back home.

Foot Cred (Yukus Akseki and Cath le Couteur / UK / 5:30)
Filmmakers Yukus Akseki and Cath le Couteur edit stills and video of New York into a montage to illustrate the tale of a Brit who must defend his new kicks on a subway deep in Brooklyn.

The Storyboard of My Life (Robert Castillo / New York, NY / various lengths)
Professional storyboard artist Robert Castillo tells the story of his life in clips of sped up video that capture his drawing process. In these three selections, he tells of a comical elementary school screw up, a nearly disastrous trip to Cuba with a group of randy coeds, and a completely catastrophic mishap in a bread factory.

Von on Von (Von Von Von / New York, NY and Antwerp< Belgium / 15:00)
A candid look into the life and mind of Antwerp's sexiest native son and one of New York's great imported jewels, the inimitable and irrepressible Von Von Von. Few men have worn a feather boa so often or so well. The great Von will perform from his new EP House of Von after the screening. Visit for a taste.

Between You and Me (Patryk Rebisz / New York, NY / 4:00)
An innovative and surprisingly beautiful short shot entirely on a Canon Eos still camera. A girl on her day off takes a hike through the streets of New York. As she runs she takes photographs of stuff on her way. She's assaulted in the evening and looses the camera. The "good guy" who tries to save her uses the camera as his only clue to where she might live.

My Back Garden (Lee Kern / UK / 3:00)
A very driven dog embarks on a mission to discover all the long-buried contents hidden deep beneath a typical British backyard. Instead of stopping the dog, the filmmaker comes to appreciate his pooch's efforts as he slowly realizes how many good plastic men and monkeys he left behind so long ago.

Late Bloomer (Craig MacNeill / New York, NY / 12:44)
A hilarious and immaculately produced reenactment of H.P. Lovecraft's first day of 7th grade Sex Ed class.

Seven Miles Alone (Topaz Adizes / New York / 16:30)
A hypnotic and moving story of two brothers who grew up boxing each other in grassy fields alongside their little fishing village and who end up forced to square off against one another with both their careers on the line.

Not Long Now (Joe Berger / London, UK / 0:15)
An extremely brief animated portrait of a much too long train ride.

Please Do Not Put Any Ducks in The Chute (John Burns / London, UK / 0:15)
For God's sake, please don't put any ducks in that bloody chute!

Egg Scape (Mark Hutching / London, UK / 0:15)
This chick on the run will hopefully suffer less than the duck that went down the chute.

Crutchmaster (Nicholas Jenkins / New York, NY / 10:00)
Nicholas Jenkins captures the performances and thoughts of a very unique and completely healthy street performer who tweaks his unwitting audience for their assumptions about the handicapped.

Don't You Know Who I Am? (Tristan Daws / London, UK / 5:00)
A delightfully twisted classic amnesia story about a woman who can't remember who she used to be and a man who couldn't be happier about it.

Han_man (Simon Ratigan / London, UK / 0:15)
Two Brit tykes take the game a little too far.

Aarktica masterfully balances subtle, warm guitar tones and soaring majestic climaxes behind the carefully crafted melodies of multi-talented front man John Derosa. Their new album, Blinding Light, is available now.

Straight from the slightly dingy but not quite rugged South Side of Antwerp, the dynamic pop star Von Von Von will close the show with hits that have been performed live on such shows as Chinese Pop Star and Live at the Apollo.