Sundance Lesson #1: The Party Will Not Be Cool

See Todd Rohal’s film Catechism Cataclysm at Sundance.

#1 – Travel
Southwest Airlines sponsors the Sundance Film Festival. The last time I flew Southwest was 7 years ago when I was in the middle seat of a flight that went through Vegas. The flight was filled with soon-to-be-graduates of UMBC who were SO STOKED about the upcoming thrill of gambling that they were standing in the aisles and playing blackjack. The guy next to me picked his nose for the ENTIRE flight. The ENTIRE flight. Finger in his nose – diggin’. Diggin’ hard. Six hours. Seven years ago. Never again. Until today.


#2 – Text Exchange A
CM: hey…just checking…is there any extra tickets for the party?
Me: Sure. I have one for you, me, Rob and Steve.
CM: COOOOOOOOOOOOL. You’re my favorite director, ya know.
Me: The party will not be cool.

[4 Hours Later, after I opt out of the party]



#3 – Happiest Moment of 1/20/11
Patton Oswalt Tweet:
“Just watched Todd Rohal’s THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM. Wow! If you’re at Sundance, go see it! “God will fuck you up…”


#4 – Midnight Couch Conversation With Nat Sanders

Nat: What’s the wireless password?
Todd: Um, it’s on that piece of paper on the desk.
(Nat gets up, walks…)
Todd: BUT…I’ll save you the trip…it’s Prospector001
Nat: (Sigh/laugh/Sits)
Todd: Have you seen Crocodile Dundee?
Nat: Just ever?
Todd: Yeah, ever?
Nat: No, I’ve never seen it.
Todd: REALLY? It was on AMC while you were at the party. I watched it alone tonight.
Nat: (Laughter) That sounds like a typical Sundance director experience.
Todd: (Silence)


#5 – Text Exchange B
TO: Hey Todd, send me the details of your party when you get the chance.
Me: Hi T__! Our sponsor backed out, so the party got dropped.