To Ski or to Entourage?

On the left, Rooftop Alum Ruben Östlund, skiing in Park City. On the right, a scene from the Entourage episode “The Sundance Kids.” See Ruben’s film Incident by a Bank at Sundance.

Sundance day one:

Opening day. Most festivals looks the same, Sundance is not an exception apart from the the skiing. The skiing was actually the main reason I came here. Our Swedish colleague, director Göran Olsson and the rest of the Black Power Mixtape crew stayed in the apartment watching Entourage (the Sundance episode). Our company, Plattform Production, went out skiing.

Different companies, different culture.

Tomorrow: first screening of Incident by a Bank and world premier of Black Power Mixtape. Tonight: Opening party.

Marie Kjellson
Marie Kjellson (Incident by a bank producer) in Park City