Check Out our First Screening at Trilok Fusion Center for Arts and Education!

Mark next Thursday, July 18th, on your calendar–we’re showing Shaka King’s brilliant “stoner romantic comedy” Newlyweeds at a brand-new venue.  Join us for our first time on the roof of the Trilok Fusion Center for Arts and Education.

Shaka King, the winner of this year’s Rooftop Films and Edgeworx Studios Post-Production Grant, expertly crafts the story of Newlyweeds, walking the delicate line between hilarity and poignancy throughout. Well-received at Sundance and filmed in Brooklyn–in fact, not far from the Trilok Fusion Center–it’s a movie worth seeing.

Trilok (Sanskrit for “three worlds”) Fusion Arts was founded in 1996 by Sudha Seetharaman and Anand Kamalakar, two artists in Brooklyn. Since acquiring nonprofit status in 2004, Trilok Fusion has grown in much the same fashion that it aims to foster in its patrons–steadily and creatively with support from its community.  Eventually, the organization moved its home base to the building in Clinton Hill at which our screening will take place and developed a media program rich with both facilities and opportunities for instruction in filmmaking, motion graphics, web design and more.

This passion for the arts is what draws the Trilok Fusion community together. As their website states, “Trilok Fusion Center strongly believes in the dire need for an eco-friendly and sustainable world,” and they are “here to provide the community with a rich artistic, educational and cultural experience year round.” Like us, here at Rooftop, they strive to find creativity in unexpected places, and we can’t wait to join them.

And best of all, they’ve got a great rooftop.