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Rooftop Talks: Jim Cummings

An expanded, feature-length version of the Sundance Grand Jury Prized dramatic short of the same title, Jim Cummings’ Thunder Road tells the story of flawed police officer Jim Arnaud (also played by Cummings), who lives a shambolic life that’s somehow made even worse by his mother’s passing. One of the best reviewed pictures of the […]

Rooftop Talks: Maxim Pozdorovkin

Maxim Pozdorovkin’s Our New President is a vodka-soaked fever-dream of a documentary that chronicles Donald Trump’s rise to power solely through Russian propaganda. Screening this Thursday, August 9th, at the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus as part of Rooftop’s 2018 Summer Series, the film is dually horrifying and hilarious; a satirical portrait of Russian meddling in the […]

CherryPicks Comes and Takes Rooftop

While CherryPicks is about the critical end of the female gaze, our ultimate mission is to diversify voices all along the creative spectrum. We asked some of the filmmakers involved in Rooftop Films’ screening Come and Take It, a series of unbecoming short films by and about bold women, to explain why diversity in criticism […]

On Set @ Fort Greene Park

“Fort Greene yesterday was crowded with people who sought, beneath the blue canopy of heaven and in the freedom of the fields, to worship ‘nature and nature’s God.” -Walt Whitman, June 8, 1846 Fort Greene Park sits upon a hill which was formed when the Wisconsin ice sheet receded from Long Island. This ice-age hill […]

Rooftop Alumni Filmmakers Join us for our 2018 Trailers!

As has become the annual tradition, Rooftop Films Founder and Artistic Director emiritus Mark Elijah Rosenberg has made the trailer for the 2018 Summer Series. Past trailers, which kick off all 45+ screenings we do across the city every year, have included miniature cities constructed by volunteers, men running through the streets of Sunset Park […]

On Set @ Brooklyn Army Terminal

The Brooklyn Army Terminal, also referred to as the ‘US Army Military Ocean Terminal’ or the ‘Brooklyn Army Base’ is an inter-modal rail and marine terminal originally conceived as an efficient means of getting troops and material across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe during World War I. Construction began in 1918 (this year is the 100-year […]

Summer Series Month 1: My Top 10 Moments

Interning with Rooftop Films this summer has been so awesome! Who knew you could actually look forward to going to work?! As the 2018 Video and Photo Intern, I’ve gotten the chance to attend outdoor movie events all around the city and capture them on camera. Now that we’re a month in, I thought I […]

Filmmaker Close Up: Wrestle

Meet Suzannah Herbert and Lauren Belfer, director and co-director of Wrestle, which makes its New York Premiere at Rooftop Films on Friday, June 8th. The film documents the experiences and struggles of the J.O. Johnson High School wrestling team with intimacy, nuance, and the empathy all-too-infrequently seen in nonfiction filmmaking. We spoke with Herbert and […]

On Set @ Green-Wood Cemetery

In film and at our events, place is key. This summer, we’ll dive into the history of our newest venues and we start with Green-Wood Cemetery, host to Opening Night, Damsel, New York Nonfiction and more to be announced soon. “It is the ambition of the New Yorker to live upon the Fifth Avenue . […]

The Filmmaker’s Fund Grantees Go to Sundance 2018

The Filmmaker’s Fund Grantees Go to Sundance 2018

Please consider donating to the Rooftop Films Kickstarter.  These types of asks are awkward, we get it. We’re not professional fundraisers, we’re film lovers, just like you. But the programs that support Rooftop grantees and alumni filmmakers, like those listed below, depend on your support.  *** The upcoming Sundance Film Festival lineup was recently announced and there is a […]