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Announcing the 2018 Summer Series

Opening Night at Green-Wood

On Saturday, May 19th Rooftop Films kicks off our 22nd Annual Summer Series with our first-ever screening in Brooklyn’s historic Green-Wood Cemetery. We’ll return on June 30th to continue one of Rooftop’s oldest traditions – our New York Non-Fiction short film program.

More screenings to be announced soon! Join us this May – August as we bring more than 100 of the year’s best independent films to spectacular outdoor locations across New York City.

One-of-a-kind events

More than a film festival, Rooftop Films screenings are innovative, once-in a lifetime film events. We’ve refreshed the old traditions-taking the drive-in and turning it into an urban phenomenon on rooftops; taking the old concept of a film festival and turning it into a vibrant, thrilling event; taking independent film and bringing those works to new audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to them.

This summer Rooftop Films will celebrate our 22nd summer dedicated to creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This summer we’re going further, we’re doing more, and we can only do it with you. We’ll screen more than 25 feature films, all of them sneak previews or world premieres. You will experience the latest works by rising directors, future stars, and acclaimed auteurs; filmmakers who are taking chances and redefining the form.


Since 1997, Rooftop Films has been committed to providing a venue, an audience, and a community for the wide array of feature films that are underserved by conventional exhibition means. We screen narrative, hybrid and documentary films that are daring and unique, including comedies, dramas, experimental, animation, political films, and found footage. We show films that tell us about where and how you live. We screen the work of experienced professionals, long-time amateurs and first-time filmmakers alike. Stay tuned! We will announce the 2018 Summer Series Feature Film lineup in late April.


This season you’ll be able to check out 130+ short films, chosen from more than 3,000 submissions from all corners of the globe. Rooftop’s short film curation is acclaimed worldwide because we craft our shows thematically and build our programs like a carefully planned mix tape, featuring highs and lows, evoking laughs and gasps in equal measure. This year we will be returning with time-honored programs like our night of New York Non Fiction, as well as showcasing some of the greatest short films from our twenty one year history.


At Rooftop we strive to present films in exciting and innovative ways. A film framed by the city skyline becomes more than just a film, it becomes part of the neighborhood. We try to match films to venues; we’ll seek out idyllic spots along a canal for a romantic film, or mount a screening of a documentary about industry atop the roof of a 100-year-old factory. The result is that the films take on new meanings in these unique environments. In 2018 we’ll be heading to some of the most amazing outdoor venues in all of New York City – including the rooftop of New Design High School in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 360 skyline views from the (very tall!) rooftop of William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, and screenings on the roof of audience favorite The Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, plus many more!

Year-Round Member Screenings AND EVENTS

As a Rooftop Films member not only will you receive access to more than 40 Summer Series events, you also receive access to members only pre-screening receptions, and VIP Screenings and Sneak Preview events year-round. Some of the past year’s offerings have included special presentations of Josh and Benny Safdie’s Good Time, Michael Almereyda’s Marjorie Prime, Luke Korem’s Dealt, Erik Nelson’s A Gray State, Steve James’ Abacus: Small Enough to Jail, and Feras Fayyad and Steen Johannessen’s Last Men in Aleppo. In addition to the above, members received free or discounted tickets to nine DOC NYC screenings, discounted tickets to the Tribeca TV Festival, discounted passes to IFP Film Week, and discounts on workshops at Mono No Aware.

Live Music

Live music is an integral part of the Rooftop Films experience. Alongside our films, we highlight a wide spectrum of music, sound, and performance styles with upwards of 45 performances by both emerging and established artists from all over the world. Last summer we hosted some of 2017’s most exciting performers including Flying Lotus, Dai Burger, Innov Gnawa, Chastity Belt, and more! For our 22nd season, we are proud to continue our tradition of introducing audiences to the most current and dynamic new artists and bringing a new crop of unforgettable live performances to the rooftops.


We create post-screening energy and enthusiasm by putting together after-parties for many of the screenings in which you can celebrate the works you have just seen and interact with the filmmakers, stars, bands, and one another.

Membership FAQs

How do I buy a membership?
To pay by credit card, simply select the type of membership you’d like, click “purchase” and enter your credit card information. To pay by check, mail along with a check payable to “Rooftop Films” to:

Rooftop Films
232 3rd Street
Suite E106
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Once you have purchased your membership, we will contact you to confirm the name you would like your membership to be under. Membership benefits are only valid for the person whose name is on the membership. If you are unable to use your membership in your name and would like to transfer it to another person, you can do so on a one time basis by emailing

What does “Guaranteed priority entry with ticket” mean?
All Members who have tickets receive priority entry via the member line. Members receive priority entry when doors open (usually 8:00pm).

How do I reserve my Member Tickets?
Each member receives a unique member code. Once you become a member we will send you detailed instructions on how to reserve member tickets.

What if a show is sold out? Can I still get in as a member?
You are not guaranteed entry to any show unless you reserve a ticket.

Can I buy a membership as a gift for my child/sister/friend who lives in New York City?
Yes, absolutely! Simply click here, select “Gift Membership” and enter your credit card information.

What if I’m moving away from New York City, and I won’t be able to use my membership for the rest of the summer. Can I cancel it and get a refund? Can I give it to my friend?
No, memberships cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, you can transfer your membership to another person on a one time basis if you are moving out of town or are unable to take advantage of your membership for some other reason. Please email to transfer your membership.

If I join today when will my membership expire?
Memberships are valid for one calendar year from date of purchase.

How do I find out about upcoming shows?
Please visit for all information on upcoming shows.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?
Yes, your membership fee is fully tax deductible, minus the cost of your Rooftop Films merchandise, if applicable. If you would rather not receive merchandise, please email

What is my membership worth?
Memberships provide up to a $1755 value, but the membership itself has no cash value.

Can’t I just give Rooftop Films a donation?
Absolutely. To make a 100% tax deductible donation to Rooftop Films, please visit our donation page.

You didn’t answer my question!
Sorry about that. Give us a call at 718-417-7362 or email

Rooftop Films Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity; all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.