“Hold no man responsible for what he says in his grief.” So says the Talmud, the ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law. It is this quotation that seems to float unheard past the ensemble of A24’s latest gem, Menashe. The film, which was a Rooftop Films and Brigade 2016 Festival Publicity grantee, and premiered at Sundance to […]

Ep 417: David Call, Frank Mosley & Heather Kafka

On Episode 417 of Filmwax Radio [11 mins. 20 secs.] friend David Call makes his 3rd appearance on the podcast. David Skypes in briefly to talk about an Indiegogo campaign he is winding down with regarding a short film he has written, directed & acted in called Cole.

Next up, [22 mins. 40 secs.] a conversation with Dallas based actor and filmmaker Frank Mosley (Upstream Color, Some Beasts) who discusses his illustrious career. This is Frank’s first time on the podcast.

Lastly, [10 mins. 40 secs.] the Austin-based actor Heather Kafka (Lovers of Hate, Kid-Thing) stops by for her 2nd visit on the podcast. Heather was on Episode 304 along with Jonny Mars. This time it’s me & Heather podcasting over dinner in her hometown during SxSW 2015.

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She Calls ‘Action!’: Lauren Wolkstein / The Strange Ones

She Calls ‘Action!’: Lauren Wolkstein / The Strange Ones

The Strange Ones features another half-female directorial collaboration between experienced shorts-makers Lauren Wolkstein and Christopher Radcliff. The project is both Wolkstein and Radcliff’s feature-debut, and The Strange Ones tackles complex ideas surrounding youth, sexuality, morality, and identity, similar to Wolkstein’s short film “Social Butterfly” (2013), and of course the short film version of “The Strange Ones.” Lauren Wolkstein […]

Ep 416: Godfrey Cheshire Returns • Richard Edson Part 2

Film critic & filmmaker Godfrey Cheshire returns to the podcast for his 3rd visit to discuss his first book which is on the subject of Iranian film. Titled In the Time of Kiarostami: Writings on Iranian Cinema, Cheshire is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to make this happen. As an early champion, Cheshire is largely responsible for bringing Iranian cinema to the States, and as a result created a strong relationship with Kiarostami as well as other key filmmakers from that country. It’s all in the book.

Then Part 2 of a phone call with filmmaker/actor/musician/photographer Richard Edson (Stranger Than Paradise, Do the Right Thing); Part 1 was on Episode 336. Edson discusses his experiences working in Hollywood after a successful string of indie films back in the mid-80’s into the early 90’s, as well as his own filmmaking.

Music on this episode is by Bleu from his recent album, To Hell With You, available where music is sold, downloaded or streamed.

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She Calls ‘Action!’: Sabaah Folayan / Whose Streets?

Most people who are familiar with the American film industry are aware of the major gap between movie audiences (50% of movie tickets are sold to women), and the number of women who are making films, especially in the directing role (28% of independent films are directed by women, while only 4.4% of studio films […]

Ep 415: Karyn Parsons / Glenn Frankel / Steven Bernstein

First up, [5 mins. 15 secs.] actress & filmmaker Karyn Parsons is the founder of Sweet Blackberry, a non-profit whose mission is to bring lesser known stories about real African American pioneers to children in the form of animated short films. Karyn’s latest project which she has written & produced is about the first African American female pilot, Bessie Coleman. Karyn discusses this film as well the current Kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds. Check out all the great work she & Sweet Blackberry has been doing; then consider contributing to this worthwhile project.

Next up, [22 mins. 45 secs.] author Glenn Frankel discusses his new book High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic (2017, Bloomsbury Publishing USA) available where books are sold.

Lastly, cinematographer Steven Bernstein (Monster, Like Water for Chocolate), who discusses his illustrious decades long career, as well as his popular seminars on indie filmmaking. Bernstein’s workshops intend to demystify topics as screenwriting, acting, cinematography & lighting. Check them all out.

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Ep 414: Kirsten Tan / Sierra Pettengill & Pacho Velez / Lara Stolman

Episode 414 includes [5 mins. 30 secs.] a conversation with the Brooklyn-Based filmmaker Kirsten Tan regarding her first feature film, Pop Aye (Kino Lorber), which opened at NYC’s Film Forum yesterday and will screen at least through next Tuesday, July 4th (unless the film has nearly as much success as Manifesto which just finished after a 5 week run at the theater). Instead of taking place in a car with Seth Rogan & Barbra Streisand, this road movie dramedy is about an aging architect and his elephant, Pop Aye, who go by foot in the Thai countryside.

Next up, [26 mins. 26 secs.] Sierra Pettengill returns to the podcast. She was last on Episode 174 with her then Town Hall co-director Jamila Wignot. This time she’s joined by her current co-director, Pacho Velez. Together they have made an exceptional archive documentary called The Reagan Show (Gravitas Ventures). The film opens tomorrow, Friday, June 30th at The Metrograph in downtown NYC and at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, CA.

Last up, [54 mins. 25 secs.] filmmaker Lara Stolman with her new documentary, Swim Team (Argot Pictures), which follows a group of autistic New Jersey teenagers who comprise a competitive swim team. The film will have theatrical run beginning July 7th at the IFC Center in NYC and at the Laemmle Monica in California beginning July 21st (as well as other select cities).

Music on this episode is provided by the musical artist Kirstin Diable off her new album, Create Your Own Mythology (Speakeasy Records).

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Ep 413: Bob Hawk

Indie film champion Bob Hawk sits for a lengthy conversation about his life and his career on Episode 413 of the podcast. Among his many producing credits are Kimberly Reed’s Prodigal Sons, Dayna Goldfine & Daniel Geller’s Ballets Russes, David Munro’s Full Grown Men, Jim Fall’s Trick, Alex & Andrew Smith’s The Slaughter Rule and Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy. He has also consulted & advised on many film sets including Rob Epstein’s Oscar-winning The Times of Harvey Milk, Nathaniel Kahn’s My Architect, and Kevin Smith’s Red State and Dogma. A documentary was recently made about Bob called Film Hawk and it is currently available for streaming on the Tribeca Shortlist.

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Rooftop Films: Member Spotlight

Rooftop Films: Member Spotlight

If you have ever been to a Rooftop Films screening, you know that our members are some of the most interesting taste-makers out there. Each time I work at one of these eclectic screenings as a diligent intern (yes, that is me you see on Saturday nights running around with a camera), I’m struck by the […]

Ep 412: Tom DiCillo Returns • Film Forum’s Karen Cooper

Filmmaker Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion, Box of Moonlight) returns to the podcast for a second visit. Tom’s latest project is a work of non-fiction called Down in Shadowland and was shot underground in the NYC subway system. The film is going to have a screening at the IFC Center on Monday, June 19th at 7:30 and the Q&A afterward will be moderated by Tom’s dear friend, Steve Buscemi.

After that is the 2nd of a 2-part tribute to the programming at Film Forum. Karen Cooper has served at director of the theater since 1972. Along side Bruce Goldstein (Ep 399) who programs the repertory calendar, Karen programs contemporary cinema along with her team.

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Magic Drop. Magic Drop is a music licensing business based in Brooklyn, NY which represenst an eclectic roster of bands and composers, licensing their music for use in films, TV and beyond.

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